Monday, November 30, 2015

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First order of business:
Cucalorus screenings: A Light Beneath Their Feet, The Invitation, Dough, Serrano Shorts

Second Order: The geofilters are coming along very nicely. I've put together 3 tentative designs and there are more to come - these require some drawing and scanning which takes more time than incorporating designs that are already completed. I've been looking at a lot of examples, the link below has some good ones to refer to.

I'm thinking that we use a couple of them - since they're not hard to make, and if there happens to be several designs everyone likes, because then people using these geofilters have options. It's just more advertisement for Visions (and it doesn't cost anything) so we might as well.

The other thing I'm noticing about example filters, is that many tend to be very simple, just the name of the town in a pretty font or something. We can do this, then make a more elaborate one. I think the most important thing to consider is the coloring. I know we should stick with our color pallet to maintain our theme but the colors must be bright enough to stand out from the photo that will be behind it.

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