Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving and Space

Two very different things, a difficult task to combine both. Tyler is currently working on the Thanksgiving animation for Visions. He has remained consistent to the space background, layering images and text over top. However, the animation right now is only portraying the space elements, which is good for Visions, but not for the holiday. The animation does not distinguish itself from the others without verifying the time period in which it is created.

Before talking thanksgiving, a few things about the animations in general - and I find I have some authority to talk about this given I have worked on visuals for Visions myself, and also having experience with animation. The font needs to be changed, it does not match the fonts previously used for Visions designs, and it does not really follow the space theme anyway, and then movements need to be more fluid for Cosmo.

So, how to make Thanksgiving spacey, or Cosmo in a Thanksgiving setting?...whichever.
Tyler mentioned he was channeling a bit of Charlie Brown when making the design, if this is a piece of the inspiration we should just run with it. Have Cosmo kicking a football, or have him making the squiggly mouth of Charlie. Give Cosmo a fricken turkey leg. The class did vote on laser turkeys as the favorite design to use for the animation. I'm not exactly sure how this will turn out. Perhaps the laser turkey and Cosmo encounter one another and the turkey eradicates Cosmo with his laser eyes (if his eyes are lasers and that's how we're doing this)...but I think Zoƫ might have a problem with this since Cosmo represents Visions and we do not want Visions dying. The turkey could be cooking other foods with his laser eyes, rather than killing Cosmo, or other space beings. There could be a type of collaboration between Cosmo and the Turkey. If the turkey is more like a gun than an animal, Cosmo could find this laser turkey gun and be shooting space objects (rock looking things) that explode and become some type of text about Visions, or the logo, or the hashtag. I think there are several options for this laser turkey idea, we just need to start trying them out and see.

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