Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Indiegogo Video

Last friday at 2:00 we started set up for the Visions6 Indiegogo Campaign Video. Then at 3:00 we started filming. The shoot lasted about 7 hours, which seems long, but everything went pretty smoothly.

We discovered several things during our time on set:
1. Devin is a terrible actor
2. Michelle is also not a good actor (she will agree with me here)
3. Big Rob casts a big shadow
4. Papa John's uses food dollars
5. And always check all the switches on the lights before assuming they don't work

Everyone was prepared for their roles, mine on set consisted of sound and assistance to shot set ups. I had a large part in the original concept for the video, despite the script being altered several times, so I was able to help visualize the layout of specific shots. However, it was Michelle who really killed the directorial game. She set up every shot, and knew exactly how each person had to act in each. Zoë killed the producing game, keeping everyone on schedule, knowing exactly which shot was to be filmed next, and on top of that, serving as probably the best actor on set. Props to Zoë and Michelle, without whom the video would not be completed.

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