Monday, November 2, 2015

Poster Research Revisited...

So it just occurred to me that the pictures I posted a while ago as part of my research for poster designs never showed up on my blog...

I guess I will just post links to some of the stuff I wanted to show - not sure how else to do it...

This image is actually great because it has made a collage of many of the posters I was looking at way back.

This one we might have shown in class...if we did not, we came back to these designs on several occasions.
--> But actually after having sat down with Andre last week, he liked our inspiration pieces but he noticed that our designs were lacking something these professional designs had, and he is absolutely right. I personally am enthralled by these 1940s designs, and want to incorporate that feel into Visions as best as I possibly can. Some of Andre's advice will really help with this:
1. He said to had dimension to our designs - this could be a light source, or an overlay of texture, or some sort of gradient. So that is definitely something we're going to work on.
2. The other thing is font...I've learned that the rule of thumb is 2-3 different fonts, and try to stick with 2. Also, the legible factor is super important. As these poster designs show, font is kept pretty standard, and where I went wrong was trying to match a font (to use for bodies of text) to the Visions logo font me and Tyler designed. I also kept thinking to match the font to a space theme - when the font does not necessarily have to be space-y because it will then blend into the background or design or whatever. A more standard font in fact stands out from the stylized design, as it does with these posters. So that is the other major critique I am going to try to work on, to ultimately give my designs the look I want them to have.

Here are more realistic images of space - a little bit of realism is nice, and so is light...which is something we have still yet to capture in our designs.

But nonetheless we are improving. I now stop to look at posters on buildings, some build my confidence because I know I am more creative than whoever designed that ugly piece, but others teach me about spacing and alignment. In fact, a lot of the posters I've seen mimic the simplistic design I've been trying to go for - so that is definitely a trend right now. I think my only complaint, and one of the bigger issues I've dealt with thus far is the amount of text I have to incorporate on the designs. I personally think the text takes away from the simplicity aspect. This might also be why the font has been an issue, perhaps because it is being used too much, that a stylized font is definitely not the way to go. This text issue is something I'll be working on with marketing and the other departments that are in need of designs. I think there is definitely a way we can say everything that needs to be said, while still holding true to the element of design.

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