Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Final post for Fall

So fall semester is coming to a close, which means the work load is a little lighter until January rolls around. I have sincerely enjoyed my first semester in Visions. I endured some struggles, and learned a few things, and even made a few friends, daww. I am pleased with some of my improvement with adobe programs - still have a lot to learn though, especially with illustrator (that's for you Michelle). But now that I have them on my computer, I can mess around with them over break - if the size of the programs do not kill my computer first. I actually am helping my sister design a poster that she needs up at her school (JMU). It's to advertise some college courses to high schools in the area - I told her I'd help her out with it no problem.
Most importantly over the course of this semester, I've discovered that I really like graphic design. Some days I'm more creative than others, and put under time constraints I basically absolve all creativity, but when allotted the right amount of time, and a good subject, I really really like the freedom to create a new design, logo, title, whatever it may be. With the chance of sounding dumb, I really think I'm going to look into some graphic design work outside of university. I may be forever torn between two majors, but this is the first I can see myself working on something outside of school, rather than just studying it. So yea, I guess Im signing out for fall. Peace.

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