Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Research for Poster Design

While researching a bunch of poster designs, I came across this website that exists to help you share your designs, and although I'm not looking to do just that, I do not mind looking at what others have shared. This guy Jeremiah Ragsdale has broken down his designs by theme, some are posters, some are photographs, but all are categorized in such as way that they all tie together in some manner. Specifically his poster designs and his typography are most helpful. His posters capture the simplistic, retro feel, that the Visions6 posters are aiming for.

A side note: minimalist design is definitely a trend right now - a good one. It allows the images that do exist, to draw the eye, and it gives a very clean look.

This site is about to save my life. Because obviously my own hand cannot create a clean enough font, this site is free to use and extremely easy to download; I can now have just about any font I could ever want.

Then, there's simply NASA's website that I visit almost every single time I am creating a design. They update images of the day, which is usually some beautiful galaxy, star, or planet, as well as have galleries of images we use as inspiration. A constant reminder why a space theme is the best theme.

A simple blog post...basically describes everything I want and need to do. The "getting attention" part is a big deal, the example they use, although odd, is impactful - I want that effect.

I found this site EXTREMELY helpful. I mean they give endless examples, all of which are music posters for bands. Very artistic, and abstract pieces. Again, most are minimalist and kind of retro. They use simple colors, literally one or two that pop and everything else is black, white, or neutral.

More inspirational pieces to come...

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